What Is the Difference Between Twin Flame and Limerence? (Explained)

Even though most people think twin flame and limerence are the same, they are very different. Just from explaining the two and from experience, the differences come out clearly without digging deep.

A twin flame is meeting a mirror of yourself. It’s like meeting someone and instantly getting that feeling of familiarity with the person, a kind of attraction you don’t get with others.

However, for limerence, I describe it as a state of mind towards a person. Why? This is because it involves obsessive thoughts or feelings that drive you to want a relationship or something more with someone and maintain it.

A person experiencing limerence will try to fight and keep the other person, even if the other party does not reciprocate the same feelings.

If the other person shows the same, it will disguise itself as true love, and some confuse it with being a twin flame.

Below are more apparent differences between twin flame and limerence that I have encountered through experience and research dealing with angel numbers and numerology.

Twin Flame Stands the Test of Time While Limerence Does not

The attraction with a twin flame lasts for a very long time, some years and even decades. The attraction grows stronger as you keep doing your inner work and understand each other more; the love grows with time.

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Limerence is an obsession, an infatuation with someone you limerence to. This kind of attraction rarely stands the test of time, even if both are obsessed with each other.

The cracks come to light as you discover how different you are from the other. The excitement caused by the obsession and infatuation slowly drops as time goes by.

Twin Flame Feelings Are Real While Limerence Feels Like You Are in a Dream World

When you have a twin flame, the connection you feel from the start and the loving feeling becomes intense and real. You will want to feel the genuine connection with your tween flame and not just imagine the feelings.

Limerence always feels like a dream; infatuation and obsession will always leave you in a dream world, a world of imagination. You will always create imaginations on how you want the relationship to play out.

Limerence will always keep you imagining perfection with your partner since you are constantly obsessing.

There Is a Big Difference When It Comes to What You Are Focusing On

Having a twin flame is exciting, as you will keep your attention on the feelings, mostly a feeling of appreciation, love, and happiness.

The connection that comes from feelings trumps what one sees physically, touches, or the words one is told.

For limerence, you put your attention on the physical things one does. This includes focusing on what you hear, touch, and see.

For limerence, making things more physical with the person you are obsessed with is more important; to most, it is everything.

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As time passes, you don’t feel the physical touch, hear the voice or see your special person, and the obsession fades quickly.

Twin Flame Is About Pure Feelings While Limerence Is about Perfection

With twin flame, you are contented, meaning you don’t look at whether your special person is perfect and don’t look for their imperfections.

Therefore, it’s all about the feelings, the love, creating a stronger connection and bond, and appreciating that you have found each other.

In limerence, you are obsessed so that you see your special person as always perfect, especially perfect for you.

You see them without fault in anything they do, from how they behave to how they look, and you always want to talk about them and their perfection.

Expectations Are Very Different

When you are in a relationship with your twin flame, you see things from a different perspective and take the responsibility of making yourself feel better.

You focus on feeling better without your partner telling you always. The freedom that comes with this always makes the feelings and connections much stronger.

With limerence, you put more pressure on your special person to make you feel good and feel everything is all right.

You want to be constantly assured that you are loved and always try hard to tell your partner you love them.

You expect them to fill anything you lack, like building your self-esteem. This becomes very exhausting, and if you feel the expectations are unmet, interest drops gradually.

There are numerous differences between twin flame and limerence, and below are some of them:

  • Twin flame stands the test of time while limerence does not.
  • The feelings in twin flame are real, while limerence feels like you are in a dream world.
  • There is a big difference in what you are focusing on.
  • The twin flame is about pure feelings, while limerence is about seeing perfection.
  • Expectations are very different.