Twin Rays vs. Twin Flames, What’s the Difference?

Most people confuse twin flames and twin rays. This is mainly because both are an aspect of each other. However, these two are not the same.

Some try to find which is better between twin rays and twin flames, adding up to the confusion.

In this article, I’m going to explain more about twin rays and twin flames and what they present so that you can know the differences between them.

However, before delving into the subject, I would recommend you not to look for a specific type of spiritual connection to make your life complete.

We are all pre-destined to meet more than one soulmate even though there is only one twin Flame for someone.

What is a Twin Ray?

A twin ray is a type of spiritual connection that unexpectedly comes into a person’s life. A twin ray is the highest form of relationship on the planet. Twin rays are an octave level above twin flames.

A twin ray includes both the aspects of a twin flame and a soulmate. A twin ray usually comes into a person’s life when the twin flame has departed the earth or when it is decades away from being ready.

A twin ray appears when one is born as the splitting of light as it leaves the sun, the origin of all life that exists.

The full spectrum of light beams out of the sun and separates into a rainbow of colors like a prison.

Each color then separates into positive and negative poles, eventually becoming masculine and feminine.

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These light beings are eternal, and as light is not limited as to how many places it can be at the same time, neither is the individual colors within the light spectrum limited.

Any of these colors can and do become numerous beings and incarnations on this planet and others also.

The twin rays are truly the gods among you. They are not individual people as you would conceive of them.

They literally embody their own portion of the prism of all light. They embody and represent states of consciousness.

The emerald green ray is that portion that reflects the Christ consciousness.

The ruby-red ray is the consciousness of Sanat Kumara. The blue-ray represents the collective consciousness of Sirius.

Each color energy group has notable characteristics, and you may already be familiar with these.

Each color band would appear as an individual light ray in the linear human mind and stay separate.

But the tendency of light is to re-blend and become a clear white light again.

Actually, each being is a complete rainbow that is again separated and reflected outward as a Chakra system. Twin rays leave earth or go to another mission when their mission is over.

What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is a soul mirror of yourself. Twin flames have a deep connection to each other.

That is why there is an intense and passionate feeling – sexually, spiritually, and emotionally, between twin flames.

The attraction between twin flames feels hot and alive 24/7 because it is the closest and most powerful soulmate connection.

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The energy between twin flames can be felt even when hundreds of miles apart.

Twin flames can be embodied in a human form, unlike twin rays which can only exist as pure light.

That is why some people feel as if they know someone even when it is their first-time seeing each other.

The connection is unexplainable. You both feel a magnetic attraction in your hearts, soul, and physical body.

This is due to the urge to merge energies. Such a feeling cannot be felt between soulmates.

Relationships between twin flames are often unhealthy. This is because they see each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

A twin flame can evolve to a higher spiritual level than its counterpart. As a result, you may meet someone of your twin flame and feel the connection, but the other person fails to feel it.

The person ends up seeing you as obsessed or crazy if their spiritual level has not evolved to a higher level.

Twin flames are inseparable and emotionally connected even if they part ways.

They are telepathically connected; hence, they know what the other is thinking and feeling. This is because their souls are two halves of one being.


Despite the similarity between twin rays and twin flames, they are two different things.

The confusion comes about because they are an aspect of each other. Twin ray is a lesser-known term on the internet than twin flame.

The main difference between the two is twin flames can be embodied in a human form, unlike twin rays which can only exist as pure light.

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As for which is above the other, Twin rays are an octave above twin flames.