11 Places You Can Find A Free Twin Flame Reading Online

Knowing what the future holds for you can sound alluring. For instance, knowing that the person you are dating is your twin flame may sound too good to be true. 

However, if you believe in true love, then you can find out if you are indeed dating your soul mate. Twin flame reading services can be quite expensive. But, if you know where to search, you can easily get free psychic readings from trusted sources.

In this post, I will share the best places to get a free reading online and what you need to know about them before you try.

Free Readings From Psychics in Training


  • Expert supervision
  • Structured environment
  • Enthusiastic readers


  • Still learning craft
  • Limited timeframe
  • Differing psychic capabilities

1. The Los Angeles school for the spiritual arts

Through its mentorship, this site offers up to 30 minutes of readings with the students.

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The psychics provide medium readings, linking loved ones who have died. So, you can schedule an appointment on the site using their system.

2. Psychic Horizons Center

This site provides you free, 60 minutes reading with an undergraduate student.

If you like a graduate reading, these are available for $35 less than professional psychic readings.

Since the readings are clairvoyant, they focus on your past lives and aura.

3. Psychic events

Search for psychic academies in your region to get free training events. For instance, the Waterstone Resort and Marine offered a free 2-hour mediumship event.

Free Psychic Readings by Software And Apps


  • Private experience
  • Always accessible
  • Accessible everywhere


  • Ads and pop-ups
  • Might have inaccurate interpretation
  • General and not personalized

Like most people, free psychic software and apps should be your first entry into psychic readings.

This is perfect for basic overviews of the situation. Nevertheless, they might lack the insights and depth of the professional psychic reading.

4. Astrology answers – career, free love, and daily tarot readings

Astrology answers offer astrology details, and you can get free tarot readings on the site. These sessions will address different questions about your life.

You can pick from three-card tarot readings, love life tarot readings, career tarot readings, and daily tarot card readings.

5. Free-tarot-reading.net

This website provides free online tarot readings from your pick of four tarot decks.

With the help of 6 cards from the major arcana, the site offers tarot card readings that will describe how you feel about yourself, what you want, what’s happing around you, your fears, and the possible outcome of the situation.

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6. Free divination – rune casts, tarot readings, and mahjong

Free divination provides eight oracle tools: playing cards, tarot readings, rune casts, dominoes, mahjong, lucky number feature, lemnisak8-ball, and I Ching.

With this site, you can ask questions and do your free psychic readings. Note that tools such as tarot readings will answer open-minded questions while tools like Lemnisk8-Ball are ideal for yes-no questions.

7. Astro.cafe Astrology- free prediction services

Apart from the astrological tools provided, CafeAstrology offers free prediction services.

This includes your stars today that tell you what to expect from your current condition and the description of astrological transits you are experiencing within a 14-day duration.

 The website saves your profile without the email to let you return to the readings later.

8. CaféAstrology oracles – the fast answer to basic questions

The Love Oracle and the Magic Answers Oracle on this site offer prompt answers to simple questions.

The Magic answer is ideal when you have the yes-no question, and the Love Oracle offers insights into your soulmate depending on cartomancy.

9. Los Arcanos

Los Arcanos offers a range of tarot spreads and astrology tools to assist in answering your questions.

These can be basic questions like yes – no tarot reading or complicated questions like in-depth Celtic cross tarot spread.

Free Psychic Readings From Social Media


  • Easy and fun readings
  • Get readings from anywhere
  • Content to well-recognized psychics


  • Requires deep research
  • Not always accessible
  • Hard to verify talent

Some psychics offer free group and trial readings online via social media. On websites like Facebook and Instagram, you will meet psychics ready to do short readings at no cost.

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10. Free Psychic reading and spiritual connection- Facebook group

This group links psychics from worldwide with people searching for free online readings. Even though they don’t charge directly, make sure you understand the psychic’s terms before using the platform.

11. Twin flame psychic- free love, career, and general readings

This platform allows a broad audience to get free twin flame readings by performing 3-card tarot readings.

So, you will choose a card from the three; then, the advisor will explain its significance. This can apply to your career, love life, or general situations.

Free Twin flame readings online offer you a fun way to try out various platforms and advisors.

You will get the best outcome from live readings, but software and other online platforms are the best places whenever you are looking for free answers.

I hope this list will help you find what you looking for live a happy and fulfill your heart’s desires. Good luck!