How Can I Say A Prayer For My Twin Flame?

You may have had times when you wondered if your partner is your twin flame or not. This is because it is the desire of most people to have a deep connection with someone who feels exactly the same way as they do.

Therefore, if you are not married, you may wish to meet your twin flame in this lifetime. However, there is no guarantee that you will meet them, it is all a matter of luck.

There are certain things that you need to do to increase the chances of ever meeting your twin flame.

One of them is prayer. It is not just a matter of saying a simple prayer for them; it involves you going deep in it and praying that the universe aligns itself in your favour.

Therefore, I shall take you through how to say a prayer for the true mirror of your soul.

Different Prayers for your Twin Flame

If you are having a hard time trying to connect with your twin flame, then it’s time for you to go on your knees and say a special prayer for them.

You may not realise it but in most instances, there may be a force blocking you two from connecting.

The universe intended for every single soul to meet their better half. The biggest challenge comes in when you others connect instantly while other take time to connect.

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There are numerous ways to clear and cleanse any barriers blocking your connection and here are some prayers to recite for that to happen

The Archangel Michael Twin Flame Prayer

Before reciting this prayer, you need to set your heart free and believe in Archangel Michael.

Here, you will request that he does away with any barrier that is blocking the connection between your twin flame and you.

You ask him to give you strength and guidance that you will need to meet your twin flame.

It is because, since you are struggling to meet them, you will most definitely encounter challenges that will require that you have strength.

Lastly, do not forget to ask that you meet them in the most divinely of ways.

Violet Flame Twin Flame Prayer

The colour violent usually signifies royalty and it allows your spirit to heighten.

Therefore, if you pray this prayer, have faith that the Archangel will release his power which will illuminate your spirit.

It is best to pray this prayer when loneliness creeps in and you feel it is time to meet your twin flame as soon as possible.

I would advise that you increase the violence in your soul as much as possible.

You will clear any barriers and blockages in your heart that are blocking the pathway to meeting your twin flame.

One important factor that you should not overlook is, violet twin flame prayer is among the most powerful meditation prayer you can ever recite. Therefore, make use of it to meet your twin flame.

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Archangel Chamuel Twin Flame Player

When you approach Archangel Chamuel, know that he offers unconditional love and unity.

It does not matter how long you have stayed without meeting your twin flame, what is important is; you are taking the right steps in ensuring that that happens.

It is important to search your soul and find out why you are so distant with your twin flame before you pray to him. 

Use this prayer to get rid of any lingering pain in your heart as it may be the reason why you cannot connect or reunite with your twin flame.

Why it is Important to Pray for your Twin Flame

There are many benefits that come with praying for your twin flame. One of the key benefits is uniting

You will experience so much joy and fulfilment when you reunite with your twin flame because they are the other half of your soul.

Praying for them helps you create a connection with them even though you may be worlds apart. 

A twin flame ignites your soul and rejuvenates your mind because they understand you better than anyone else.

They know how you feel and how different matters affect you. Praying for them will help you get closer to your personal and spiritual growth which will make you a better individual.

Bear in mind that, the point of praying for them is to build a strong connection both spiritually and physically.

Praying for your twin flame is a bold step to take and that is why you will most likely come to terms with your biggest fears and challenges.

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You will also have to face the past, traumatic experiences that you went through long ago. All these will happen whether you are ready or not.

These are some of the challenges you will go through if you ever decide to pray for twin flame.

One thing you will learn along the way is that, it takes courage and determination for you to pray for your twin flame. It may sound like a scary journey but the results will all be worth it.


There are three main types of ways to pray for your twin flame:

  • The Archangel Michael Twin Flame Prayer
  • Violet Flame Twin Flame Prayer
  • Archangel Chamuel Twin Flame Player

With the above prayers, you will heighten the chances of meeting your twin flame.