Can you have a Platonic Relationship with your Twin Flame?

If you are one who likes to read different articles and journals, you may have come across the topic of the twin flame and how sacred the bond can be.

At times, twin flames do not usually end up as soul mates the way you may expect. On the contrary, their connection may be nothing more than just close friends. Sad, right?

You are probably wondering why the two would choose to maintain a friendship over being together as one.

You may also wonder why they would make that decision yet most people all over the world are struggling to meet their soul mates but to no avail.

Therefore, I will take you through instances where platonic relationships exist between twin flames.

Can there be a Real Platonic Relationship between Twin Flames?

Growing up, had this little fantasy of one day meeting my twin flame I was so down to it that I did not want to waste time dating any random man lest my twin flame finds me when I am no longer pure.

It was a fantasy that came to be real because my husband is my twin flame.

I came to understand that a platonic relationship between twin flames can only last so long.

It usually happens when one party is not ready for all that comes with being in love.

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But eventually, the universe finds a way to connect them because what they have is a very strong connection.

When the other party finally gets to be loved they develop a connection with the other person and it becomes long-lasting.

Such a connection is very strong that one cannot live without the other. Two people who had a platonic relationship can build a very strong relationship.

If one is not ready to be with the other, it is always best to stay friends till you can all agree on terms.

However, in as much as you try your best to remain good friends, one of you is definitely madly in love with the other and it is just a matter of time until you both agree to be together.

The one who is madly in love feels jealous when you are showing love to another person.

This hurting to the other party therefore if you notice this it is good not to engage in a romantic relationship in their presence.

When a platonic relationship exists among twin flames, it is fair to say that, true love lives there.

It does not always have to be sexual for there to be true love. It is only that in a platonic relationship, there is no physical attraction.

Reasons for Maintaining a Platonic Relationship with your Twin Flame

Here are some insights on why some people would want to maintain a platonic relationship with their twin flames.

1. To Weigh your Compatibility

For you to be with someone, you first need to consider whether you are compatible or not.

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The same applies to your twin flame. This is because different experiences in life change us and our souls become different from what they used to be.

Keeping a platonic relationship with your twin lame will help you understand your twin better and whether they meet your standards.

It will enable the two of you a platform to talk about your insecurities without fear as you are friends.

With time you come to learn your friend’s behavior and be sure you can cope with them this can be the best time to continue to the next step of the relationship.

2. The Timing is Wrong

You may be at a time in life when you need to focus on something other than a relationship.

Therefore, in such instances, you will seek to maintain platonic love with your twin flame.

It is always up to you to decide when you will be ready to open your heart for love again and only when you are ready, will you be able to love correctly.

3. You will Still have Each Other

, Unlike romantic relationships that usually have fewer chances of the two ever being friends again, platonic relationships offer that.

This is because chances are high that you will lose your twin flame if you ever choose to break up with them.

Therefore, to avoid all these, you may decide to keep a platonic relationship so that you do not lose something as great as friendship.


It is possible to maintain a platonic relationship with your twin flame. However, that will not last long because you two are connected in a unique way and there is a chance that you two will fall in love.