Can Twin Flames Be Friends With Benefits?

Yes, twin flames can be friends with benefits. Your twin flame and you have a more spiritual connection, affecting the physical connection between your twin flame and you.

You will feel more attracted to each other since you have a deep soul connection.

This can confuse you, especially if you have never experienced such a connection, although it’s a positive thing. It can help you learn things yourself by connecting with your twin flame.

When I was younger, before I met my husband, I had a twin friend with whom we shared a lot of things.

I was so attracted to him in such a way that a day could not pass without me seeing him, and I am sure he felt the same way because we were spiritually connected.

After a while, the band grew, and I could tell we were not just friends but friends with benefits.

He would invite me to his space spend the entire night watching movies while cuddling.

The bond became more strong every day because he was the only person who would understand me in a better way. I once felt like have known him for my whole life.

At times I would even ask him to take me out for a date, and I could enjoy the entire time because he could even kiss me in public.

He would make some long-term promises and hold my hand the entire time.

After seven months, the feelings started to fall, and I would see that he was not into me like he used to be before.

He started to draw the feeling apart, and by the time the eighth month was over, we were no longer friends with benefits.

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I was still attracted to him, and I wanted to spend most of my time with him. I would hang out with him for all the times I would be very happy and contented.

At that point, we went back to being friends, and I would see him often.

I stayed for a long time, wondering what could have been wrong because I felt that he was the right person for me, but then things turned out to be different.

If you asked me before, I would say he was my soulmate because we connected in so many ways, and I felt like he was the only person who knew me in and out well.

However, after a long stay, I came to understand that you can be friends with benefits with your twin flames, but it’s not always guaranteed that it will lead to marriage.

For the moment, I learned that I took my time and waited for the right time.

I was not sure if I would ever find someone who was wiling my twin flame, but eventually, my husband came into my life, and here I am, a happy and contented woman.

Pros of twin flames being friends with benefits

  • You understand each other better since this is something that is connected spiritually.
  • You bond so easily. A time you will even feel like you have to know the person for your entire time.
  • The feeling is mutual. Since this is something that has the same level of attraction, you will find it hard to deny your feeling to your twin flame.
  • It leads in the same direction. Once you have your twin flame as a friend with the benefit, you will notice most of the thing you are doing you are doing it together, and if it plans, you are making them together since you have the same attraction.
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Cons of twin flames being friends with benefits

  • You can never quit. No matter what you do or how hard you try, you can never get out of it. Sometimes, you feel like you have let your twin flame go until you feel or get the universe’s magnetic force that drives you back.
  • You become obsessed. You may have a hard attitude before the relationship starts to grow, but once it has grown, everything else you care about takes a lower priority.
  • You fight yourself between your heart and mind.
  • You forget having a normal relationship
  • You will lose friends

Why being friends with benefits with your twin flame could get messy

Being friends with benefits with your twin flame could get messy because you will find yourself doing something you thought you would never do since the magnet pull is so strong to resist.

For example, it can make you change your job to be physically closer to your twin flame. You will have to try almost all sorts of spiritual practices to feel a deeper connection.


Can twin flames be friends with benefits? Yes, twin flames can be friends with benefits because they have a deeper spiritual connection that can easily affect their physical connection.