Can my twin flame be older than me? (Pros & Cons)

Yes, absolutely. Your twin female can be older than you physically, but not in your soul. You might wonder how your friends and family will react to you and your older twin flame.

Older twins might start to worry if their younger twin will find them attractive after a few years in the relationship.
It is possible to even question if the relationship is possible.

However, you should not worry about anything since age is just a number of the physical body.

In this article, I will share everything you need to know about the age difference and gap between twin flames.

Understanding the twin flame age gap

The first step in knowing anything is to understand it first.
There are several reasons why you can get an age difference in twin flame difference.

The age gap between twin flames is not that big if you consider soul age.

Remember, your twin flame was put on this earth intentionally and at the right time.

The age gap is not supposed to be a problem if you were to enter into a relationship with your twin flame.

I met my twin flame 2 years back, and we are 14 years apart.
When I met my twin, I was shocked; how could I be this strong in someone older than me.

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Therefore, I did some research only to find out that twin flames always have an age gap (some larger age gap).

Also, I discovered most twins meet under strange or unusual circumstances, which is true considering how I met mine.

My parents are much older.
I was taught to never differentiate people based on their gender, age, or race.

At first, the age difference freaked me out, but things started to be natural as we got along.

I learned that this situation is walking between earth and heaven on a tightrope.

However, the twin connection doesn’t make any sense on earth, but the connection of the soul is something different altogether, like directly being loved by God.

Why does age differences appear in twin flame

You can be older than your twin or vice versa.
When you truly love someone, some outside detail won’t matter:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Sexuality
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Country of origin
  • Background

All that you will be thinking about and focusing on is love.
Twin flame works by soul recognition rather than the physical appearance, details, upbringing, and external characteristics of personality.

Humans are just all one.

The age gap between twin flames may only be a problem for your relationship if you let it.

Society, especially most religion, have an unwritten rule about the age difference among couples.
This should have minimal effect on your twin relationship.

You need to know that physically there might be an age difference, but in terms of the soul, you are the same age since you were once one soul.

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The reason why there is an age difference is the fact that twin flames don’t incarnate in the same year on earth.
So, why is there an age difference between twins on earth?

Twin flames are not like normal couples; they have bigger missions on earth.

Twin flames exist on earth to:

  • Shake things up
  • Anchor unconditional love to other
  • Break societal norms

The age gap is just another element that plays an important role in executing all their missions.

The twin flame relationship shows the world that physical and external characteristics don’t matter when there is love.

Love is the only determining factor, and twin flames fall for each other’s souls.

The older twin is usually the divine feminine.
This happens to balance the energies since the older twin might have given a lot of powers in the previous lifetime.

Pros of age difference in twin flame relationship

The younger twin, especially if the age gap is huge, are more physically driven.

Younger men or women tend to have more physical energy, which will make the relationship more desirable.

Young twin will worship the ground you walk.
Society will always mock a relationship with a younger man or woman.

Young twins can choose to offer special treatment outside and in the bedroom, singing your name to everyone they encounter and frequently buying you gifts.

Cons of age difference in twin flame relationship

Sometimes younger twins can behave childishly.
You might want to have some quality time together, but he wants to play video games with his buddies, or she wants to chat with the girls.

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Judgment from the elders.
It might be okay with you, but some traditionalists will still see a twin flame relationship as a joke and a waste of time, especially if the man is younger.

Can my twin flame be older than me?

Yes, the age difference or age gap between twin flames is not something new.

Actually, it is normal to have an age gap between you and your twin.
This is because twin flames don’t incarnate at the same time or year on earth.