Are twin flames yin and yang?

Are you wondering whether twin flames are yin yang? Continue reading as I enlighten you more on the link between twin flames and Yin and Yang.

Even though twin flames and Yin Yang are different and each makes a whole, there is a lot you can learn from each other. The interconnection between these two concepts has a lot of depth.

This article will discuss Yin yang, the link between twin flames and Ying and Yang, and signs to know whether you have found your twin flame.

What are Yin and Yang?

The origin of the Yin and Yang concept is from ancient Chinese philosophy.

The idea originated roughly 2400 years ago in the 4th century; in the Ying Yang school, whose main representative was an ancient philosopher known as Zou Yan.

The Ying Yang concept was the primary subject of those studying in that school of cosmology.

The Ying Yang symbol represents the belief that the universe is governed by a set of two forces that are opposing but complementary.

This concept describes that contrary or opposite forces are not different. Instead, they are interdependent, complementary, or interconnected.

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It encompasses the actual processes that make up all aspects and phenomena of life. The Yin and Yang are represented as the light and dark halves.

Yin is characterized as inward energy. It symbolizes earth, femininity, darkness, passivity, and absorption.

On the other hand, Yang is characterized by outward energy. It is conceived of as heaven, masculine, light, hot, and positive.

In general, no person has exact energies with the other. All that is necessary is to learn to have a balance.

The link between Twin flames and Yin and Yang

There is a clear link between twin souls/ twin flames and Yin and Yang. Both are separate and have separate souls, but complement and are identical. 

Twin flames comprise two people possessing the same soul pattern or energy signature.

Each person has a separate Individual soul but is identical. The truth is that twin flame is a reflection of each other. You are mirrors of each other.

Those who have united with their twin flames have a good balance of both (masculine & feminine) energies within the relationship, and that’s where the Yin and Yang concept comes in.

Twin flames possess both energies within themselves that are in balance and harmony, despite their physical gender. One partner possesses more feminine energy while the other is masculine.

5 Signs to look out for to know if you have found your twin flame

It is possible to know when you are in a relationship with your twin flame. Here are 5 signs to know you have found your mirror soul.

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#1. The two of you are similar yet so different

One of the signs to know that you have met your twin flame is when you are similar but different, exemplifying the Yin and Yang energies.

You will find that you have a lot in common: the same interest, hobbies, past life, aspiration, and want.

However, you and your twin flame will be different in some aspects but still complement each other perfectly.

#2. An intense bond in the first meeting

Another sign that shows you have found your twin flame is that you have an intense bond when you first encounter them as if you have known them before.

#3. A feeling of wholeness

If you start a relationship with a partner who is your twin flame, you feel as if you are finally whole. A feeling you have never felt with someone else.

Somehow, you feel everything has changed and started having relevant conversations about your interests and dreams.

#4. You have a psychic or a telepathic connection

When you find your twin flame, you have an extremely psychic connection with your partner.

And because you have an intense connection with one another, you share similar emotions. Their happiness is your happiness. Your pain is their pain.

#5. You Start learning new aspects about yourself

You can also know you are in a relationship with a twin flame partner if you start understanding yourself more than you ever did before uniting with your partner.

The partner takes you to new depths of your soul, making you understand some of your aspects, i.e., hobbies you didn’t know existed.

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So, are twin flames Yin and Yang? Yes. Twin flames and Yin and Yang have a strong connection. The twin flames are a manifestation of Yin and Yang in a way that is rarely experienced or seen.

Although these two concepts are whole and different in several ways, they interconnect. Both twin flames and Yin and Yang are formed from similar soul patterns.

They both have separate souls that complement each other. When twin flames meet each other, they have both feminine and masculine energies that are well balanced and in harmony.