Are twin flames real or justified obsession?

No, the whole idea of twin flames or justified obsession is just a fallacy to make you believe you have found the one.

Every year many single people use the twin flame theory to find their life partners.

But don’t you think that when you have an eye on someone everything about them suddenly becomes attractive to you?

There are so many misconceptions about the idea of twin flames or justified obsession.

As a matter of fact, relationship bloggers are now dedicated to writing articles to help single people get their life partners through vague reasons on why one should use twin flames.

The content of this blog post is to give you five reasons why twin flames or justified obsession are not real.

At the end of the article, you might be able to understand why the twin flames theory is all made-up scientific theory and be able to make your choice.

You do not need a partner

Human beings are meant to be complete on their own. I don’t know who came up with the idea that you need your significant other to be complete.

According to the twin flame theory or justified obsession, it states that human race needs to be together for a happy life. Why can’t you create your own happiness?

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I believe that you can be happy with or without a partner. By depending on someone for you to be complete it means that you are subjecting your entire being to someone else’s life.

So, when they are low or angry your psychology also drifts to sadness. I may say this is a kind of personal imprisonment.

Twin flames or justified obsession don’t work for everyone

The twin flames theory states that partners build an emotional connection and satisfaction.

Whereby, you are free to share your thoughts, emotions, and feelings with your other half. What we forget to remember is that people acquire new behaviors with time.

I have a friend who thought she had found her twin flame. She was over-excited to find someone who understood her and they had a psychological connection.

Later, the husband became a drunkard resulting in violence and misunderstandings.

The lady was now unable to tell the man her feelings or emotions for fear of causing fights. Did twin flame theory really work in this case?

There is no point in sticking to someone in the phenomenon of twin flames yet you are not happy with the person.

There is no such idea as a one-lifetime relationship

The idea of twin flames or justified obsession is that you should stick to one partner for the rest of your life.

You ought to communicate to them everything including your personal secrets and fears and opinions.

What if you find a suitable partner with that you are more connected? Or what if you are dating a violent man?

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Will you still keep the relationship in order to obey the twin flame philosophy?

It is strange that women or men stay in violent relationships to the point that they are beaten to death.

Life is so precious hence; you need to find someone who matches you without sticking to the twin flame ideology.

Never allow anyone to choose for you a partner

Twin flame or justified obsession has a strong belief that the person you connect with is the one meant for you.

There is so much we look for before settling with someone. Before I got married, I had to weigh several factors not to regret later.

Having the same thoughts, feelings or energy are vague reasons for falling for someone.

There is much to it. It is upon you to make better choices and not let anyone decide for you a partner.

It is an imaginary wish that affects your real life

True relationships are real and with no conditions attached to them. But imagine a case where you live imagining how you wish your partner to be like.

Now you subject yourself to looking for a partner that has the same telepathy as you.

You tend to miss out on best partners in search of the one whom you will reason together or someone you can share an emotional connection with.

Twin flame or justified obsession is a poisonous theory that will make you have wishful thoughts and raise your hopes of finding someone who maybe does not exist.

Twin flame or justified obsession is not real

Twin flame or justified obsession is an ideology that corrupts your mentality.

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This article is an eye-opener for you to search for suitable partners without based on vague misconceptions concerning twin flame.

The reasons I am saying twin flames are not real are;

  • They are imaginary wishes
  • You should never allow anyone to make the choice for you
  • There is nothing like a lifetime relationship
  • Twin flames don’t work for everyone
  • You don’t need a partner to be complete