Are twin flames chose by God?

Is it is true that twin flames are chosen by God himself, this is because the notion of twin flames may be found in many different faiths and schools of thinking, with mythology being the most well-known, and it is based on the belief that when god, or the great spirit, created humanity, he took a soul and divided it in half.

A twin flame is your soul twin, your other half, your reflection, the balance of your opposite.

Of sure, you were picked because you are more unique than other individuals. You have the ability to disregard logic and reason in order to focus on heavenly sensations.

You have such perseverance that no matter how difficult the relationship is, no matter how many times people break up, you keep going back for more.

The majority of people would simply move on. But because you know it is a god-given connection, you’ll continue with it.

Regardless of what you may have been taught, you have not formed alone at the time of your creation.

Your Heavenly Partner, your Twin Flame, co-created you. You were made as a “dual-unit”: a Heavenly Masculine equivalent and a Heavenly Feminine equivalent, each completely complementary to the other.

You are your twin flame,  they are your power portrayed as Masculine or Feminine power, based on which you represent and of importance chosen by god.

You are neither Masculine nor Feminine.  Depending on your spirit design, you are either the entire manifestation of the Heavenly Masculine manifesting in human form or the Heavenly Feminine manifesting in human form.

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You can also be a Heavenly Masculine manifesting himself in a female body, however, the vast majority of individuals are Masculines in male bodies and Feminines in female bodies.

Your connection with your Twin Flame is a direct outcome of your connection with yourself and your friendship with God who chose the twin flame.

Once all obstacles are eliminated and the couple is returned to the center of Love, twin flames are the entire expression of Love.

Even Nevertheless, it may appear like there are many stages ahead of you on the road to Union.

There are moments when Twin Flames want to throw down the blanket and “forget” about their relationship.

One lingering question I hear from the selection is, “What is the goal of it all?” What is the point of performing the work and mending in order to build and discover Union?

There is only one soul in two bodies. Twin Flame Union is the joining of two persons brought together by the Supernatural, Supernaturally choreographed into a place of love, joy, symphony, and peace.

Twin Flame Union is the closest thing to Heaven on Earth. It is the greatest, deepest soul relationship you have ever felt.

It is the birth of something greater than the two on their own, the birth of a shared third power generation birth of spirit in flesh.

Twin Flame Union is the merging of Heaven and Earth. It is the pinnacle of spirit and anchoring.

This program will give the most space for you to connect with your soul and operate as One.

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The presence and thought of Unity, which is the Reality at the heart of spirit and origin, is Twin Flame Union Chosen by god.

Nonetheless, Twin Flame Union is far from the conclusion of the voyage. This is all for the greater good.

Twin Flame Union is merely another stage in life’s journey! Union serves numerous objectives, and each Union is unique.

Twin Flame Union is significant because of the immense Love that two Twin Flames produce when they unite.

This is why, rather than criticizing and questioning the connections of others, it is critical to completely witness all Twin Flames in their Joyful Union.

When two Twin Flames unite, a massive beam of Love and Light shines forth over the entire globe, multiverse, and collective.

Twin Flame Union is significant because it exemplifies the genuine, unconditional love that your world is striving for.

When Twin Flames unite, the globe is naturally aligned to more Harmony and Divine power just by loving one other and embracing Unity. Twin Flame Union is critical for the earth’s natural ascent, period!

Pros of twin flames chosen by god

You get to discover more about yourself and improve as a person. You will have a better grasp of what brings you joy by connecting with your twin flame.

You may decide what kind of life you wish to have. Your twin flame will steer you on the correct route.

Cons of twin flames chosen by god

  • You cannot stop
  • You become completely obsessed
  • You are fighting ourselves
  • You must forget about having normal relationships
  • You will have terrible lows
  • You will be required to be spiritual.
  • You will spend a lot of time by yourself
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Therefore it is true that twin flames are chosen by god because god is compassionate and just, and will always react to your true honest self.

God bestowed your twin flame union onto you. It already exists; all you have to do is take away any negativity and step into it, where you will be joyful.