6 Ways To Let Your Twin Flame Go

From experience, I think it is hard to forget your twin flame completely. It is, however, quite possible to overcome the twin flame feel.

 In my case, my previous relationship ended due to the many similarities I had with my partner.

It is why many people do it separately.

Insecurity among couples magnifies the issue that you both face.

It led to the separation from my twin soul, which might be why you have had a break from your twin soul.

I complied how I used to overcome the separation pain:

  1. Experiencing the pain
  2. Learning to love yourself
  3. Pay a lot of attention to your actions
  4. Have some behavioral changes
  5. Stay busy
  6. Have and learn about your support system

Experiencing the Pain

When you separate from your twin flame, it is natural for you to feel some pain.

Different people will have other times to heal and get back to themselves.

It is a process that you should not try to fasten.

After I separated from my twin flame, I cried to ensure I experienced the pain.

The feeling of anger and upset will slowly end as time moves on.

I started feeling better at some point, and I could remember what I had learned from my twin flame.

After the feeling of separation has subsided, try and move on and start planning for your next relationship.

Learning to love yourself

As you try to overcome the feeling of separation from your twin flame, it is good that you learn how to love yourself better.

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That interaction that caused the separation might linger in your head for some time, and you will tend to overthink and question your decisions.

You should strive to achieve this to love yourself, and you should comprehend that it is difficult to achieve perfection.

If you understand this, it will assist you in loving yourself more, and you will be able to overcome the feeling of separation.

Pay a lot of attention to your actions

During the healing process, it may be difficult to evade the events in your relationship.

When I was healing, I always felt like I made the wrong decisions and acted wrong.

All this is natural, and I come to learn this afterward, but it is better to pay attention to your actions now and in the future.

Changing the past can be difficult, but past experiences can help you make future decisions.

If this information sticks in your head, overcoming the feeling of separation will subside faster.

Have some behavioral changes

After changing how you handle your actions try as much as possible to change your behavior.

It could be as simple as how to relate with others and adjust your routine.

After your separation, it is paramount that you try and change what you have been used to doing.

I started to eat things I liked and go to places I had always wanted to go.

You can also engage in activities that you have always wanted to do.

If you find it hard to know what you like, this can be the best time to figure it out.

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Always stay busy

It can be difficult not to think about your twin flame, but the best advice you can have is to try to keep yourself busy.

It is good to have some time to yourself after a breakup, but when you feel that you have regained your energy, strive always to stay busy.

It will be the time to take that class that you have always wanted to, or you can learn about that skill you have always wanted to have.

If you do this, your mind will automatically offset the thought of your twin flame or your ex.

You can also engage more time on work or your studies.

It will always be up to you to figure out something to do as it will benefit your healing.

Have and learn about your support system

Even after following these guidelines, I know you might struggle to get your twin flame out of your mind.

The best thing that you should know is that you do not have to figure this out alone.

You can approach someone who you consider to be your support system.

By doing this, you can get through your separation with much ease.

If you isolate yourself, you end up damaging or hurting your mental health, which can be diver stating.

Staying social can be helpful.


Since I did so, you can overcome your twin flame, but it cannot be easy.

If you follow the following guidelines, you will conquer that feeling of separation with ease

  • Experiencing the pain
  • Learning to love yourself
  • Pay a lot of attention to your actions
  • Have some behavioral changes
  • Stay busy
  • Have and learn about your support system