6 Ways To Get Twin Flame Off Your Mind

It’s only natural to spend what can be considered too much time thinking about your twin flame. You both have a powerful energy connection; a “third energy,” but if you can’t stop thinking about your twin flame period, it’s time to take back your power.

There are a few ways to achieve this, but what all of these come down to is encouraging you to feel this deep soul connection, deep in your bones, then find a way to share it with those around you, since the indication is that you cannot share that deep connection with your twin flame.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

It’s hard to deal with because the strong nature of the connection implies a high level of unconditional love, but when you’re bathing in that flame, it can be a little addictive.

So don’t beat yourself up about the longing you feel, along with thoughts of what could be or what could have been.

Own the feeling of longing like you asked for it and cut yourself some slack for only being human in feeling the way you do.

Harness the Energy

Because there is such a strong soul connection between twin flames, when one of the twins thinks of the other, it activates the connection and makes the twin think of the other as well.

With a twin flame connection and equally or even more so with a soul mate, telepathic communication can occur through thoughts and feelings.

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Don’t let that energy go to waste when it hits you in the form of perhaps thinking about your twin flame.

Rather, harness the energy and pour it into something else, something which will effectively become a labor of love.

If you cannot give that love to your twin flame, don’t let it go to waste. Channel it into something else from which a more-than-satisfactory yield will likely be the very least you get out of it.

Collaborate Platonically

Telepathic communication is somewhat of a marquee feature I’d swear by, existing between twin flames.

Telepathy between you and your twin flame will have you gathering each other’s thoughts and feelings on a level that takes on a whole different meaning.

Well, if it wasn’t for that telepathy, you might have forgotten your twin flame too.

If your twin flame is long gone from your life, and you have consciously gotten used to living without them, it’s because you’ve managed to perhaps collaborate with them independently, on a platonic level.

Both of you have managed to find a way to redirect the magnetism you have for each other into a cause that is for the common good of society in general.

A great love that could have existed between the two of you is manifested in the equivalent of a child you might have had together, except that “child” exists in the form of a slightly better life element that can be benefitted from by other people beyond just the two of you.

So if it’s at all possible, you can consciously make the decision to collaborate on a platonic level and recreate the twin-flame magic in that common collaborative effort. Basically, create a non-human lovechild!

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It certainly doesn’t help that you are inundated with signs that seem to be associated with twin souls during your twin soul journey (especially when you’re ready to throw in the towel).

I have found that regular meditation will make you feel a lot more connected to your significant other and mark a reunion. This mark of a reunion replaces a would-be physical one, effectively so too.

Your senses will increase and you will feel like your soul mate is nearby, but you’ll be in a state that doesn’t have you expecting them to materialize in their physical form.

Bask in the intensity, while it lasts

As a twin flame hunter, your obsessive thoughts about twin flame cues will gradually become less frequent and intense, ultimately reaching the point where those thoughts become fond and happy memories.

Be grateful for the simple fact that you got to live them and that they happened, enjoying every moment while it lasts.

Move on, if the opportunity presents itself

You can definitely try and silence the unconditional love you have for your twin flame, or at least ignore it until your twin flame gets his ducks in a row.

For instance, it’s heartbreaking when a Gemini procrastinates or becomes so determined to achieve union and is thus thrown off balance to the point of compromising their emotional balance and well-being.

Sometimes we need other relationships to help us grow before joining our twin flame, and sometimes those relationships are perfect for us and we just stay there.

So if the opportunity to move on presents itself, grab it with both hands.

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You might otherwise wait forever for your twin flame to give in to the natural inclination to bring their flame together with yours and make the kind of magic that often ensues when such an event occurs.

In summary, the six ways to get twin flame off your mind are:

  • Cutting yourself some slack
  • Harnessing the energy
  • Collaborating platonically
  • Meditating
  • Basking in the intensity, while it lasts
  • Moving on, if the opportunity presents itself

All of these would be leading up to you finding positive outlets into which to pour the love you would have poured into your would-be relationship with your twin flame.