3 Reasons why twin flames repel each other

Though in most cases, twin flames are attracted to each other. I have also found ways to prove this idea wrong because, at some points, twin flames may repel one another.

When one of the twin flames is negative, this may cause repulsion to the partner because the two differ in views and personalities.

In other cases, you may also find that both twin flames are negative. For them to attract each other.

They are then supposed to be both positive. Because they are all negative, then the twin flame will have to repel one another.

A twin flame is an immediate connection that one person may have towards another person.

This comes from the idea that one full soul may get partitioned into two. The two half-souls are always very similar to each other.

I also tend to call these two souls half of each other. This is due to the reason they originated from one soul that got split into two.

Twin flames are always spiritually connected to each other. You will occasionally feel some familiarity with your twin flame.

Sometimes this polarity is always very intense in that whenever your partner is hurt; you also feel the pain.

Unfortunately, it is not everyone in this world that have a twin flame. This connection is very rare. Maybe some people lack twin flame because their souls have not yet split into two.

 I can also say that sometimes twin flames are romantically involved. You can note toxic behavior in your twin flame when he or she is negative in everything he does to you.

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The main purpose of having a twin flame is to help and support one. You can receive help from your twin flame so that you can be able to accomplish your divine purpose and missions in life.

Often this kind of relationship will reflect your deepest insecurities and problems. This can assist you in working on them so as to grow and heal from the problems.

From the first time, you meet your twin flame. You will always feel drawn toward your twin flame physically whenever they are close to you.

Similar to magnetically whenever the two of you are far much apart from each other.

Your twin flame energy always pushes you to be close to them. This happens because the two of you are intensely connected to one another. this feeling gives you the urge to always stay near your twin flame.

Twin flame repels mostly because it’s not usually easy to sail while being confronted by your own. You may tend to dislike some of your own characters. This makes you hate your twin flame.

Others don’t appear to like their physical appearance. Because a twin flame is an exact copy of how you look, you may grow hatred towards your twin flame because the looks do not please you.

This feeling is always annoying, but at some point, we value it. The reason why we may appreciate this feeling is that it facilitates both of you. Through it, you will always facilitate both of your growth.

Even though twin flames may repel at some point, you will still come back to your partner.

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At one time, you may walk away from your twin flame—some of the reasons being fear, anger, anxiety, or selfishness. You will always come back to your twin flame no matter what it may take you.

Suppose you and your twin flame are in an on-and-off relationship. You will realize that most of the things will keep pulling you towards each other.

For this reason, you will never be comfortable whenever you are far from your twin flame. You will always feel like something is really messing up with your inner peace.

You and your twin flame can communicate in unique ways. For example, you can communicate with your twin flame with just a glance.

You will always understand what your twin flame intends to mean through that unique form of communication because you are linked to each other.

Again your twin flame is able to read your mind. You can tell what is in the mind of your twin flame by just observing. This is so because the two of you are also connected psychologically.

The twin flame relationship is always powerful, potent, and incredible. Just because they are adamant, it does not mean that the relationship is always eternal. At times this relationship can break.

‘It is therefore important for you to make sure you are working on your partner’s needs and behavior as well as yours. This will help both of you to uphold your love for each other.

With this, your relationship will last for a long since both of you are working hard for the better.

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In conclusion, I found out that reasons that can make twin flame people are

  • When one of the twin flames is negative
  • When both of you are negative towards each other
  • When both of you differ in character and personality

The above are reasons why twin flame can repel.